Lead Kindly Light

Violin Duet, Cello Duet, Vocal Duet, Choral SATB

Key Signature - Violins, Choral: A (3 sharps), Cellos: B flat (2 flats), Vocals: D (2 sharps)

Tempo - Quarter=@74

Difficulty - Strings and piano: Early advanced, vocals: Advanced (extra large ranges, best for experienced singers)

Topics: Comfort/Strength, Prayer

Sheet Music Sample:
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Sheet Music Sample Sheet Music Sample Sheet Music Sample Sheet Music Sample

"Lead Kindly Light" (Spring 2006)
There are two phenomenal violin players in my ward, and I'm always wanting to write nice stuff for them to critique. This arrangement is a try at really bringing out some passion in the playing, especially in the "free" sections that aren't part of the original hymn. The piano part is a constant flickering of a small candle, while the violins are the praying voices, pleading for refuge from the storm. Truth be told, I really really like how this turned out, and hope my friends love it too! Spring 2007 Update! I've just posted a nice cello duet version, too! Spring 2009: I finally found the motivation to turn what has become my favorite hymn arrangement I've written to-date into a stunning vocal duet! It's in the only key (D-major) that will keep the music as close to the original version as possible, and I admit it's a pretty difficult one to sing (the 1st part has to have a 2-octave range, with the 2nd only a few notes less), but gorgeous in its execution. How else can I say it but to sing like violins?! :) Expression is the key, and I'd be happy to walk anyone through it via email...Fall 2010:There's an SATB version available now, too, hopefully this will finally push one of my favorite arrangements to the place it deserves!