I Love to See the Temple

Piano Solo

Key Signature - C (no sharps/flats)

Tempo - Quarter=86

Difficulty - Late intermediate

Topics: Children, Temple

Sheet Music Sample:
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Sheet Music Sample

"I Love To See The Temple" (Spring 2007)
"I love to see the temple, I went inside today. I felt the Holy Spirit, I listened and I prayed." The St. George temple (the oldest functioning temple of our dispensation) has always been a symbol of peace in my life. It's where I received my endowment and where my wife and I were sealed (in the same sealing room as my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents). But when my 30ish-year-old brother-in-law received his endowment in January 2007, we attended the ceremonay at the San Diego temple. I have NEVER seen such a beautiful building, outside or in! It is a real-life ice castle. It is worth a drive across the country to be in that San Diego celestial room, and I will never forget how close to God I felt there. Fittingly, Janice Kapp Perry's primary song got an ornamentation good enough (hopefully) to make me think of my new favorite temple...