Army of Helaman

Piano Solo

Key Signature - C-minor (3 flats) modulating to C-major (no sharps/flats)

Tempo - Dotted-Quarter=@90 (REALLY FAST!)

Difficulty - Advanced (Speed and number of notes)

Topics: Children, Missionary

Sheet Music Sample:
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Sheet Music Sample

"Army Of Helaman" (Spring 1999)
While other missionaries spent P-days sight-seeing in Paris, I spent most of mine at the piano in the church, trying to write something nice with the oh so much spare time I had. :) My "mission solos" all tend to have the same roller-coaster feel, conveying the ups and downs of mission life. "Army" fits that theme to a T. It starts out in C-minor, which gives the melody a very interesting feel, signifying the turbulent world. The 12/8 intro, mid, and finale are a super transition for the 9/8 theme, which of course moves to C-major as we think of the armies of the Lord prevailing against Satan. I would suggest you learn this piece (one of my very hardest) at a much slower tempo, and not get up to the locomotive speed until it's practically memorized. I admit it would be very hard for ME to read this from a sheet!